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I’m a really lucky lady. I have a wonderful family – amazing husband and the sweetest 19 month old baby girl. I have a successful business I built from the ground up and I get to work from my beautiful home and be with Libby all the time. And as a hobby – I find endless joy in my new found love of photography. Sounds pretty damn perfect huh?
But – this winter was rough for me. I felt really drained and just heavy – physically and emotionally. It almost made me feel ashamed I wasn’t enjoying this beautiful life I have built to its fullest. It was time for me to make a big change and focus on my health and well being.


My friend Amy was having so much success working out and eating clean that she became a beach body coach.  I will never forget the day I decided to buy the 21 Day Fix .. We were texting and she told me that “she never felt better” .. Which made me happy for her of course .. But I remember responding “I’ve never felt worse.”
So I needed to change everything I was doing that attributed to my mental state of BLAH…and it was scary.  I knew this was my time to take care of myself because it is important. I want my daughter to grow up seeing me as a confident and healthy role model. I want her to learn how to eat the right way and how she should treat her body. But the best part is she is still a baby – so it won’t even be about “teaching” her. It’s just what we do and what we eat. She will know no different.
I always thought that I ate pretty healthy – being a vegetarian and all. WRONG. Learning the concept of clean eating has changed my life. I really thought I would struggle omitting refined sugars and flours. I love sweets and white bread. Well, turns out your body only craves that stuff when it has it – so getting rid of that was far easier than I thought. I was honestly shocked about how easy that was for me. Limiting my healthy carbs was more of a struggle for me at first. I mean – I could have had my 3 carbs in one meal without even giving it a second thought ! So once I learned to snack on other things like Greek yogurt with fruit or hummus with veggies – things got much easier for me.
So that little thing called exercise… Never was a fan of that. I remember posting on Facebook that I was going to start a work out program and how I absolutely dreaded the thought of it. How I hated everything about it from putting on a sports bra – to trying to figure out my DVD player – and the sweating part ?!  All of it. And it was daunting.
And then I “met” Autumn Calabrase on the 21 Day Fix. She is this perfect vision of strength and beauty – AND a total ass kicker. I remember starting on a Saturday so I decided to do the “Dirty 30” work out first. Keep in mind – I haven’t worked out in about 3 years. So yeah – I couldn’t even walk right by the time that 30 minutes was over. I was instantly sore. But that was thanks to my own ignorance thinking I could handle that work out right out of the gate – with little or no modifications.  But I gotta admit – I loved that feeling that I did something for myself in order to start changing. And I was already changing because I was so looking forward to my next work out. What the heck was that all about ? Well – for me I find great satisfaction and strength in accomplishing things I never thought I could. And that’s where real strength comes from – right Autumn ? 😉
So my first round I wasn’t really dropping weight like I thought I should be. It was discouraging. But my coach & friend, Amy, kept reassuring me to trust the process and keep going. Oh and to trash the scale !  Seriously just go out back with a bat and destroy it (Office Space style!!) So 3 weeks later – I lost 6 pounds. Cool ! Along with 20″. What ?!? So hell yeah – I will keep doing this!
So about 3 and a half months in to my program – I can honestly say that working out is something I look forward to every day. Never in a million years would I thought I could say that ! I’m starting the 21 day fix extreme and so looking forward to pushing myself to a new level.
Clean eating has become so simple to me and just second nature. Fuel your body with healthful food and it will repay you tenfold.  I just recently started Shakeolgy and its life changing. I wish I would have started it from day one – but I have some strange allergies and I was afraid to try it. The vegan chocolate is so yummy and hasn’t  given me any allergic reactions so I am really excited to have that every day. Where else can you get that kind of amazing super food nutrition packed in to a delicious chocolate shake ?! I like the reassurance that I am getting that solid nutrition in to my body every day – without fail. And my weekly weight loss average has doubled since I started it !
So my progress so far – I’ve lost 19 pounds! And I am very close to reaching my first 20 pound goal.  But let’s talk about what I have gained… More energy, a happier outlook on life, and motivation to help others feel their best ! If I can help even just one person – I would be elated !  So happy to be part of this amazing company and group of people with such amazing positive energy !!!
So I thought this might be a fun way to get my little team started! I really want to start helping people feel better and have more energy! And what better way to start feeling good than with a new Dolly Bag and Rosie Scarf?!

So what is included in a Challenge Pack you ask?

*Clean Eating Nutrition Plan

*Work Out DVDs

*30 Day Supply of Super Food Shakeology

*Shaker Cup

*Free 30 days to Beach Body on Demand

*Support from me to help you reach your goals!  I also help run a closed group on Facebook that helps keep us all motivated and accountable! This is where we share our stories, recipes, and give support & encouragement! Because surrounding yourself with like minded people is so important to your success! We can do this…TOGETHER!
I can’t wait to start helping you! Please email me if you are interested! or you can check out the 21 Day Fix Challenge pack on my page! 21 day fix with dolly

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