Rosie the Riveter

Hey ya’all!

So yesterday was super fun!  To celebrate the 70th Anniversary of the end of World War II, the Steel Plant Museum in Buffalo, hosted a Rosie the Riveter Rally! So I made outfits for me and Libby and we dressed up as “Rose Buds” – what they lovingly call us ‘wanna be’ Rosies 😉 and had a Tea Party with some real life Rosies!  The Buffalo Dolls entertained us with great 1940s tunes – Andrews Sisters style!  Libby was so cute and walked around to all the ladies and said “HI!”and offered her binky to them !  Gee – I wish one of them would have taken that away for good.  LOL!


The Rosie the Riveter image is such an iconic piece of American Art.  It has such powerful meaning to so many people.  For me – it is about working hard.  This is something my dad taught us since we were little.  And not by telling us anything – by showing us.  He is a blue collar man and has always worked hard to provide for his family.  There is a great sense of pride in completing an honest days work.  But, he also taught us another thing – and this was through one of his regrets in life.  To not work too hard or too long that you sacrifice your personal life.  I am sure there were many Sundays my dad wished he could skip work and take us all out to do something fun – like bowling .. So I strive to have a balance in my life – from the lessons I have learned from my pop 🙂

Hope you guys enjoy the photos!








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