Where in the world is Dolly Valentine ?

Hi guys!

Ok you may have noticed Dolly Valentine has disappeared!  Well, truth of the matter is – I have to put that line on hold for a while.  I really put so much time and energy into designing and making those little frilly frocks…that it has left me little time for my Dolly Bags and other aspects of my business.  I am now preparing for Christmas in the Country in November.  So,  I need to focus on my first love – handbags.  I know this will make a lot of you sad and I am truly sorry to disappoint anyone.  But, I simply can not do it all right now – as you know, I am a one woman show.

As far as if I will bring DV back – I am undecided right now.  I started it because of how much you all enjoyed what I made for Libby.  But, honestly – it has been very stressful for me to keep up with all the deadlines – and I have failed on a few.  Disappointing people is not something I take lightly.  It really made me take a step back and need to reevaluate my business.  So, I am taking this time to think it over and determine what is the most important to me as far as designs and what I will be offering in the future.

Thank you for understanding!




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